Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Best Picture Ever

So the other day my little sister Maria (Logan's Godmother) asked me to text her a picture. I'm always snapping pictures of him and putting them on Facebook but I can never get him to smile and I was able to snap this little gem. . .I will treasure it forever!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Logan's 1 month old

What's so funny to me is that while I was pregnant time seemed to drag. Every day seemed to last an eternity but now that Logan is finally here time is flying by. It feels like just yesterday my little angel entered this world and now he has been here a month! He brings me joy that I didn't know was possible and exhaustion that I never knew I could survive. My life is amazing and I love it!
My days now are so different then they once were, they revolve around Logan now. Thankfully he is a decent sleeper. . .he gets between 4-6 hours at night. He is a big eater which can get exhausting when you breastfeed. He is such a big eater I cannot produce enough breast milk and I am now supplementing with formula, which is sad but I'm not a cow! When we left the hospital Logan was 8 pounds 10 ounces. It is normal for babies to lose weight before they leave the hospital, even more normal for c-section babies to lose a lot before leaving the hospital. At our next check up with the doctor Logan was up to 8 pounds 13 ounces. For his 1 month check up he was only 9 pounds so although he is eating a lot he isn't gaining weight so we need to go back to the doctor again in 2 weeks :o( But other than that he is a very healthy boy!
My Dr. appointment went well I should be returning to work on the 25th which I am dreading. . . I will probably cry when I have to bring him to day care. At this point I have only left him twice and only for short periods of time. I cant bare to be away from him! I wish that I could just be a stay at home Mom like back in the day. . .but the financial world is so much different than it once was so at this point it's not possible. Anyways, the doctor did say that from now on all future pregnancies would have to be c-sections. At least I will never have to experience a contraction again. . .I'll also get to pick the baby's birthday :o) Here are some pictures that I have taken of Logan during the past month. . .

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Logan's Arrival

Here it is the story of how Logan made his grand entrance. After my false alarm on Sunday, I was feeling defeated. . .I spoke with my sister in law Corey and she offered to come over with her beautiful son and my nephew Owen to cheer me up and for Owen to give Logan a little pep talk that it's not so bad out here in the real world and it's about time to come out now. We enjoyed some pizza and relaxed for a little while. Time flew by and Corey and Owen had to head home for the night.

I remember it was extremely hot that night so I decided I was going to take a cold shower to attempt to cool off. . .and after I decided to just stay in that towel since it was so hot. After my shower I came and laid on the couch with my hubby and relaxed. Then as I had to do every 5 minutes I got up to pee, afterwards as I stood in the bathroom I had fluid again leaking down my leg. Immediately I called for Eric to come in and check out the situation since this time it was much more than the false alarm. Eric came into the bathroom stuck his finger into the little puddle and sniffed it. The reason for this is that Amniotic fluid is clear and odorless. He determined it was not pee and it was indeed odorless. This time he called the doctor since he had about a million and one questions to ask before he would take me to the hospital again after that false alarm and at this point it was sometime between 10:30pm and 11:00pm. So about 30 minutes lapsed and the doctor said we would have to come into the hospital. So I got up from the couch and as I was walking through the kitchen I leaked out more fluid and this time it had a pink tinge to it. This sent Eric on a spree "The doctor said if it has a pink tinge its definitely amniotic fluid, it's time, it's really time. . .hurry up we gotta go". He then whipped out the iPhone and took a video of the fluid on the floor to show the doctor just in case and we left in a hurry and this time while driving lets just say that he went a lot faster than the 50mph he had just done a few nights prior!

Finally we arrived at the hospital. Again we filled out the necessary paperwork and again they did the tests necessary to determine if I was in labor for real this time. First off I was having contractions. . .real contractions not braxton hicks! Then they did the tests on the fluid and ding ding ding we had a winner it was amniotic fluid and I was in labor. . .this was the REAL DEAL!!!! I was now being admitted to the labor and delivery section. Although I was in labor my cervix was still far back and I was only 2-3cm dilated. They asked me if I would be willing to walk laps to help Logan drop down lower and I agreed. I walked laps for about an hour while listening to Eminem on my iPod. At the end of the hour though the contractions were a lot more painful and I was about ready for some meds! Here are a few shots of me in labor at the hospital. . .

Eric thought he was uncomfortable. . . .

Xan my sister in law snuck in against "hospital policy" for a quick visit.

After my laps they gave me some medication for the pain, they told me it would be like I had a few cocktails and it was and I luckily passed out for a little while. Then it wore off and I woke up in pain again and they gave me some more and I was out for the count again. The next time I woke up I couldn't hang in there anymore and I requested my epidural. Shortly after that the doctor came in and started preparing for the procedure. Now for those of you who haven't had an epidural here is the run down of my experience. Now picture this your pregnant (obviously) with a huge belly and feeling contractions that REALLY hurt. . .the doctor asks you to sit on the side of the bed and hunch your back over. Hello???!!!??? do they not realize that I'm dying in pain and have a huge belly. . . I mean getting into position is not really the easiest thing at this point! But I do it somehow. Since the area is sterile my husband has a face mask on that makes him look like he has a beak and he is trying to talk me through this mess. So now they start sticking me with an anesthetic to numb the area to get the epidural in. . .not pleasant by the way and then the epidural goes in. Shortly after it was in I felt my lower right side go numb but not so much on my left. At this point they determine they are going to put in the catheter to empty my bladder. I asked the nurse if I was going to feel it, she said no and continued. Well guess what remember how I was saying I felt my left side. . . yeah so I felt that little procedure! Not a good time for me let me tell you. At that point the nurse realized I wasn't kidding and there was something wrong with the epidural so from there they added more drugs and attempted a readjustment to get the epidural to work. It began to work a little and I was able to get myself to go to sleep for a little while.

Then at 2:00am I awoke to the most excruciating pain that I think I have ever felt in my life! The epidural had completely worn off on my left side and I thought I was going to die. The pain caused me to begin throwing up, which in case you didn't know your not allowed to eat once you go in labor so I didn't really have anything to throw up. I don't think my husband had the slightest clue what to do or what to say but he did make mention of the number of kids I wanted to have. . . (I wanted 4 by the way) he turns around and says "Honey how many kids do you want to have now?". Wise guy right?!? Anyways so the nurses lay out my options at this point. . .basically they could do a new epidural which could either work according to plan or it could not work and at least at that point my right side was pain free. But trust me although I couldn't feel my right side the pain on my left was beyond anything that anyone could handle. So either go through this epidural procedure again or stick it out and deal with the pain. . . EPIDURAL PLEASE!!! So here we go again and this time in about 100x the amount of pain I felt before I had to hunch over again and hang in there. It kicked in fully in a minute and I passed out :o)

When I awoke I was further dilated but it appeared that my water did not break completely and that was preventing my cervix from dilating further. At that point the doctor broke my water the rest of the way. Now that was probably the gush they were talking about. Although I was numb it was like a never ending flow of water. Anyways, a while after that they checked my cervix and I was about 9 to 10cm along and feeling that rectal pressure they kept telling me to look out for. (BTW that rectal pressure. . .not pleasant and rather painful) Also a heads up again not to be gross but that pressure can cause you to fart. . .uncontrollably and I was so embarrassed and my husband thought it was hilarious! Anyways now it came time to push, so with my husband and a nurse on one side, my mother on the other and a nurse between my legs we began to push! I pushed laying on my back, then I pushed laying on my left side, then my right side, we tried pushing on all fours. . . we got into about any position my body could get into and still not making much progress. About 3 hours into pushing the doctor came in to check on my progress and laid out the options from there. I could either have a c-section or try to push with the assistance of a vacuum. I was determined to get him out the natural way and opted for the vacuum. The second I gave the green light. . .the bottom half of the bed dropped out, stirrups appeared and everyone was fluttering around getting ready for Logan!
So here I am and the doctor gives me the green light on the next contraction we are going to push and get Logan out. So the contraction comes and I got 3 good pushes in but nothing, he didn't move at all :o( Doctor prepares me and we were going to try one more contraction. . . contraction came and I got another 3 good pushes in but again nothing. Logan was what they call "sunny side up" which is face up and not coming out. My only option at that point was to proceed with a c-section. I was so upset and felt like such a failure but thankfully I was surrounded with great doctors and nurses who let me know there was no way I could get him out and that this was not my fault. . .I had done everything right. Everything bustled once the green light was given for the c-section. My mother was asked to leave since only Eric would be allowed in for the operation. Eric was escorted to a room to get sterilized and dressed. I was left with the doctors who were pumping me with more drugs and then wheeling me to the operation room.
I remember the operation room was quite cold and thanks to all the meds they were pumping me with my body was shaking uncontrollably. They laid a special inflatable blanket on my upper body to keep me warm and they were testing to make sure that I wouldn't feel any pain during the procedure. It took a while but they finally got the dosage right and I was ready to go. They told me I would feel pulling and pressure (which I did) and then my husband was with me. He was dressed just like one of the doctors here he is telling the family about the c-section before he came to see me. . .

Now before they start they don't tell you they are starting. . . suddenly I felt that pressure and pulling. It didn't hurt but it sure was not a pleasant feeling. I was trying to focus on my husband and from time to time he would look over the curtain and see what was going on. Then in a not to brilliant moment my husband turned to me and said. . . "Jess they are holding your uterus right now". . . I DIDN'T WANT TO KNOW THAT LITTLE DETAIL! Then I heard the most beautiful sound I have ever heard. . .the sound of my baby boy crying for the first time. My husband looked at Logan (I couldn't see) and said that he had a big head and that he had a full head of hair. We looked at each other and cried, and with that silly mask on that made it look like he had a beak he kissed me. It was such an incredible moment. They finally brought Logan over for me to see and Eric got to hold him for the first time. From there they continued to work on me and then the resident came over to me and told me I had a beautiful uterus and that my intestines looked really nice as well (T.M.I!!!) Here are some of the first shots of Logan. . .

Once I was all set to go they moved me from the operating table onto my bed and handed me my little angel for the ride down to the recovery room. I was wheeled right passed my family who couldn't have looked any happier than they did at that moment! Here is a picture of us in the recovery room. . . Here is where I got to breastfeed for the first time and he took right to it! I was so happy about that :o)

Eric snuck away for a minute to let everyone know I was ok and to let everyone catch a glimpse of the new member of the family. . .

After about a half an hour in the recovery room I was allowed to go to my regular room which would be my new home for the next few days. Before the family came they had to get me all situated. They don't tell you but after everything is all said and done you bleed. . .not like a little. . .like crime scene. . .someone has been murdered bleed. Even such a short time after my c-section with a little assistance I was able to make it to the bathroom to get a little cleaned up. Then in came the family. . .
Here I am with my Oma (which means grandma in Dutch). . .

And Logan got to come in as well and share in the celebration of his birth. . .

I couldn't take my eyes off of him. . . I have always wanted children and it seemed like I had waited an eternity to meet my little man!

My little family!

Logan's great grandparents!

My mother and Logan's Oma!

Logan's Godmother and Aunt Maria

My two little sisters. . .Aunties!

My father and Logan's Poppy!

The Grandpa's!

3 Generations. . . My husband, his father and our son

My husband and the grandparents.

Grandma P and Logan

Aunt Xan!

Proud Grandparents!

My family (missing my lil brother Justin)

Like I said I couldnt take my eyes off him!

4 generations!


The Ponticelli family!

Kisses for Logan. . .

Proud Poppa!

Great Grandpa Luther. . .


awwwww. . .no cryin!

My husband was a natural. . .

When you become a mother your heart grows beyond what you thought was possible.

Logan and his Godfather and Uncle Pete.

The Ponticelli Men. . .

Again my little family!

Eric like to call him. . .moose duce since Eric's nickname as a baby was moose.

Aunt Corey and Logan!

Grandpa P calls him Hawk. . .

Aunt Maria calls him chunky monkey. . .

He looks like his momma!

Bonding time!

Here I am getting Logan dressed for the very first time as we were getting ready to leave the hospital. We could have stayed an extra day but since it was the fourth of July we decided to leave a day early. Now here is some advice for you. . .stay in the hospital as long as you can! After we left I really wished that we would have stayed and had that extra support there and one more day of rest for me.

A family picture as we were getting ready to leave the hospital :o)

Our very first car ride home! I knitted a baby blanket for Logan which I put on his legs for the ride home.

Here I am with Logan napping :o) All you mothers out there know. . .when the baby sleeps you sleep!

Logan napping on Daddy!

Pepper staying with my in-laws until we were ready and Pepper adjusted just fine to having Logan around :o)

So in summary I was in labor for over 35 hours and gave birth to my son on July 1st, 2010 and 9:09am. He weighed in at 9 pounds 7 ounces and he was 22 inches long. I will love him until the last breath of my life, he is perfect in every way!